2015, Happy New Year!

20141023_180009-120141023_175231-1CAM00062I started this blog and set the intention of mushing with Java and Kona.

Kona grew to be a beautiful girl and mother who I loved more than words can say. She stayed by my side through a year of ups and serious downs healthwise.

One terrible night a group of my neighbors kids were playing in the street and Kona heard a truck turn the corner and fly up the hill. We were pulling our car in our normally shut gate. She ran out to stop the big truck that was coming at the children. They did get out of the street but Kona passed away in transport to the after hours emergency clinic in the back of my car. I still grieve her every single day. She was special. She had such a heart and I have no words to other than….she tried to help those kids. We all cried over her. I had her ashes made into a bead and so she still comes along with me and when I work with my other dogs, she will always be there with me.

We had just bred her to Mocha and had decided to keep only one male….Mr. Bean. We still had another female that we had not at that time even tried to find a home for. My husband insisted on keeping the little girl puppy…hence Bailey is with us now as well.

From our Nescafe and Mocha breeding this fall, I have kept Expresso and Mo’Joe. Both of them being chocolates with Mocha’s coloring and body build.

With the different ages of puppies, I am all across the board in training. From general obedience to learning commands and directions.


Oh! And there is a Starbucks, the prettiest puppy… and now a year old monster chocolate lab/huskey/ white shepherd mix. He looks like a lab and a beautiful one at that.

Photos soon. Training has been coming along. Kona was my lead, so I have had to re-evaluate who is going to fly at the front..so to speak.

Update complete.